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2019-08-31 23:57:48

فُسْتَانُ زَفَافِكِ اعْشَوْشَبَ كَفَنًا

فُسْتَانُ زَفَافِكِ اعْشَوْشَبَ كَفَنًا/ ترجمة للإنجليزية: فتحية عصفور

(Your Wedding Dress was grassed over with a Shroud)

By: Amal Awad – Radwan-(Palestine)

Translated by: Fathia Asfour

Palestinian poet & tranlator


(Your Wedding Dress was grassed over with a Shroud)


A star of blurred pillows obscured my waves ...

with the thorns of the sun..
and with roaring repentance it collected ink,

 the colors of your emptiness marked

 with loose promisses that silently went out


On faint funeral rythms...

speech crescents sailed in the world of your secrets...

down to the depth of a mellowed skinned glory!


The hankies of your evenings are wounding...

They t..e..a..r... up the eyes of my butterflies

 with the sighs of their crystal... with their trapped cage


How should I ignore the holocaust of your noise...

while in the rhymes of my hodges ...

an alphabet growling and never going out?

There were seasons of woes

 whose inks melted in the straw

 of your perfidied inkbottles 

The purity inkpot glowed with its pale sins... 
and the eyes of violet turned yellow

at the spout of their brightness...

 as if set enacted for a wink of demise that does not blink!!


What madness is this which feels hope

 for the statues' steps to slow down?

What dawn is this which is cocooned

 wih darks of exile on the eyelids of singing?

How could a deviating sigh be a straight whoop

 in the heart of the impossible!?


The slander of your lamp ...

saddled the wrinkles of my time with the mirrors of sins.

It covered the corridors of my expatriation with foggy prayers


A foxy smile recklessly shivered
and p..o..u..r..e..d out behind walled air dams.


How its echo rushed upon the sidewalk

 of a storm breast!!


Peace...ascendig the lowest level of its ladder...

disclosing a veil of waiting...
disappeared behind the buttons of its staircase..

 to fall down stripped ...
except of its nudeness!

But they...the cities of your forgiveness...
those lamped with the seasons of your horses...


NEVER never affected by a foam of despair even if hanged ...

on the walls of deferred weddings...

even if your wedding dress was grassed over with a shroud

My night blazed with the gloom

 of intoxicated tales
And with a shiver of full moon..

 the braids of my blackbirds completely blackened...

pleading for a spot of light locked

 by the mud of darkness

But..the dust of your eyes folded my hopes...

scrambled the jungles of my burning...

and from the depth of thirst ...

gushed out the waterer of my thirst...squeezing my voice...

the crammed in the veins of mugs!


How many!! the curls of cheerful yearning peeped

 at the shoulders of illusion !...


But Never shrank
O, you the purest of the pious!

 Your twin loss sweeps me...


The tumbler of my d..i..s..p..e..r..s..i..o..n lisps

 misery on your lips

O, M..o..o..o..o..m !
Locomotives of pain
writhed on the worn rail of my certitude

The sheets of my maps breach me...

shake me off from under the perfume of my shrouds...

keep me wakeful...

get me leafed with poems of age masked

 with the mosses of your pollen!

The fountains of my verse flourished not..
without the hotness of you letter...

rippling me with the gleam of your pureness


O you !

the mouth daisy flower of the seashore 
Get your teeth down
Drop your milk teeth
Put a beauty medal on me

 with the smelling of your musk

Pull me a glimmer of pureness

 to the eye of your spring...

and in the drowsiness of your glory...

cause me to sprout childhood hands catching the sun ...

so that it can fairly settle upon the Islands of Light


فستان زفافك اعشوشب كفنا/ آمال عوّاد رضوان

كَوْكَبَةٌ مِنْ وَسائِدَ ضَبابِيَّةٍ

تَغَشَّتْ أَمْواجِي.. بِأَشْواكِ الشَّمْسِ

وَلَمْلَمَتْ بِتَوْبَةٍ هادِرَةٍ حِبْرًا

وَسَمَتْهُ أَلْوانُ فَراغِكِ

بِمَواعِيدَ رَخْوَةٍ.. انْطَفَأَتْ صامِتَة!

عَلى إِيقاعاتٍ جَنائِزِيَّةٍ باهِتَةٍ

أَبْحَرَتْ أَهِلَّةُ الْكَلامِ.. بِكَوْنِ أَسْرَارِكِ

لِعَمِيقِ مَجْدٍ عَتِيقٍ مَسْلُوخ!

مَنَادِيلُ أَمَاسِيكِ جَارِحَةٌ

تُ مَ زِّ قُ مَآقِيَ فَرَاشَاتِي

بِتَنْهِيدَاتِ بِلَّوْرِهَا.. بِأَقْفَاصِهَا الْمُفَخَّخَةِ

كَيْفَ أُغَافِلُ مِحْرَقَةَ ضَوْضَائِكِ

وَفِي قَوَافِي هَوَادِجِي.. أَبْجَدِيَّةٌ تُزَمْجِرُ وَلاَ تَنْطَفِئُ؟

مَوَاسِمُ وَيْلاتٍ ذَابَتْ أَحْبَارُهَا

فِي هَشِيمِ مَحَابِرِكِ الْمَغْدُورَة

دُوَاةُ الطُّهْرِ.. تَوَهَّجَتْ بِآثَامِهَا الشَّاحِبَة

وَعُيُونُ الْبَنَفْسَجِ اصْفَرَّتْ بِفُوَّهَةِ أَلَقِها

أَكَأَنَّمَا شُرِّعَتْ.. لِطَرْفَةِ احْتِضَارٍ لاَ يَرْمشُ؟

أَيُّ جُنُونٍ ذَا.. يَرْتَجِي خُطَى التَّمَاثِيلِ تَمَهُّلًا؟

أَيُّ فَجْرٍ ذَا..يَتَشَرْنَقَ دَيَاجِيرَ مَنْفًى

عَلَى جُفُونِ الْمَغْنَى؟

كَيْفَ لانْحِنَاءَةِ زَفْرَةٍ.. تسْتَقيمُ شَهْقَةً

فِي فُؤَادِ الْمُسْتَحِيلِ؟

وِشَايَةُ سِرَاجِكِ..

أَسْرَجَتْ تَجَاعِيدَ زَمَاني.. بِمَرَايَا الْخَطَايَا

غَطَّتْ أَرْوِقَةَ غُرْبَتِي.. بِأَدْعِيَةٍ ضَبَابِيَّة!

ضِحْكَةٌ مُتَثَعْلِبَةٌ ارْتَجَفَتْ.. طَيْشًا

وَ ا نْ هَ مَ رَ تْ

خَلْفَ سُدُودِ هَوَاءٍ جِدَارِيٍّ

كم تَهَالَكَ صَدَاهَا..

عَلَى قَارِعَةِ نَهْدِ عَاصِفَةٍ!

سَلْمٌ.. يَصْعَدُ دَرَكَاتِ سُلَّمِهِ

يَفُكُّ خِمَارَ انْتِظَارٍ.. تَوَارَى خَلْفَ أَزْرَارِ أَدْرَاجِهِ

وَيسَقُطُ عَارِيًا.. إِلّا مِنْ عُرْيِهِ!


مُدُنُ غُفْرَانِكِ الْمُقَنْدَلَةِ بِفُصُولِ خُيُولِكِ

أبَدًا.. مَا طَالَهَا زَبَدُ يَأْسٍ

وَإِنْ عُلِّقْتِ.. عَلَى أَسْوَارِ أَعْرَاسٍ مُؤَجَّلَةٍ

وَإنِ اعْشَوْشَبَ فُسْتَانُ زَفَافِكِ.. كَفَنًا

لَيْلِي اتَّقَدَ.. بِظُلْمَةِ حِكَايَاتٍ مَخْمُورَةٍ

وَبِرَعْشَةِ بَدْرٍ احْتَلَكَتْ ضَفَائِرُ شَحَارِيرِي

تَتَوَسَّلُ بُؤْرَةَ ضَوْءٍ.. أَغْلَقَهَا طِينُ الْعَتْمِ


غُبَارَ عَيْنَيْكِ طَوَى آمَالِي

تَعَرْبَشَ أَدْغَالَ احْتِرَاقِي

وَمِنْ عُمْقِ الظَّمَأِ انْبَثَقَ سَاقِي أَتْرَاحِي

يَعْتَصِرُ صَوْتيَ الْمَحْشُورَ.. فِي أَوْرِدَةِ الأَقْدَاحِ!

كَمْ مِنْ لَهْفَةٍ جَذْلَى.. تَلصَّصَتْ خُصُلاَتُها

عَلَى أَكْتَافِ الأَوْهَامِ.. وَمَا انْكَمَشَتْ!

أَيَا أَنْقَى الأَتْقِيَاءِ..

يَجْتَاحُنِي فَقْدُكِ التَّوْأَمُ!

كُوبُ تَ بَ عْ ثُ رِ ي

يَلْثَغُ عَلَى شِفَاهِكِ شَقَاوَةً:

أمَّاااااااهُ.. قَاطِرَاتُ وَجَعٍ..

تَلَوَّتْ عَلَى سِكَّةِ يَقِينِي الْمُهْتَرِئَةِ

ملَاءَاتُ خَرَائِطِي..

تَنْقُضُنِي.. تَنْفُضُنِي مِنْ تَحْتِ عِطْرِ أَكْفَانِي

تُؤَرِّقُنِي.. تُورِقُنِي قَصَائِدَ عُمْرٍ مُقَنَّعٍ بِطَحَالِبِ طَلْعِكِ!

نَوَافِيرُ شِعْرِي مَا ازْدَهَرَتْ.. إِلَّا بِحَرِّ حَرْفِكِ

يُمَوِّجُنِي بِسَطْعِ نَقَائِكِ

أَيَا أُقْحُوَانَةَ الثَّغْرِ اثْغَرِّي..

أَسْقِطِي أَسْنَانَكِ الرَّوَاضِعَ

قَلِّدِينِي بِفَوْحِ مِسْكِكِ وَسَامَةً

شُدِّينِي وَمْضَ نَقَاءٍ إِلَى عَيْنِ رَبِيعِكِ

وَفِي تَهَاويمِ مَجْدِكِ

أَنْبتِينِي أَيادِي طُفُولَةٍ.. تُمْسِكُ بِالشَّمْسِ

لِتَسْتَوِيَ عَدْلًا عَلَى جُزُرِ النُّورِ!


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